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Don’t Limit your Challenges Challenge your limits!

All of us, at some point in our lives, face challenges in some aspect of our relationships, health, career, money, family obligations or others. It is common if not universal. Most of the time instead of challenging ourselves to stand in the face of the obstacles, manoeuvre our internal negative self-talk, we choose to surrender and fall as victims for every challenge or difficult situation.

My unique life experience & the ups and downs I have faced across many years of experiencing fear of unstable financial life, insecurities due to living in a war zone and moreover being an obese teenager and adult, which caused me self-acceptance issues!

All through those years, I have challenged myself to prove to the world around me that despite all my life challenges,  I can s till be successful, I can still get jobs in the best global organisations, climb the ladder, have dreams and make money.

Ove the years, I have created a world of my own where I have externalised my needs, always looking for praises and claps from people around me for every milestone I have achieve, and yes, I thought this is the ultimatum happiness and success anyone can ever get until I have bumped into the most challenging situations any one can ever have.

But as they say when it rains it pours. I had a year filled with enormous turbulence that shacked my confidence & self-control across all arenas of my life . It touched all my main life pillars across family, health,  financial stability & Career. I almost had a problem in every aspect of my life, at certain moments I felt I lost everything, I am no longer the same person I used to be, desperate, not happy or satisfied, always playing the victim role personally and professionally, putting blame on all people around me, externalizing my tragic circumstances.

One day, I had a woke up and started questioning myself, am I mentally disturbed, am I depressed, am I myself, what is wrong with me! I forced myself to stand still and think differently. I challenged all the limitations I had faced and decided to embark on a journey for self-exploration., I started reading, researching, studying how to find the root cause of my problem and what I can do to be myself a happy successful person.

During this journey I have learned that:

  • Increasing your self-awareness will lead you to happiness and self-satisfaction.
  • Choosing your battles is the first step to increasing your focus towards achieving your goals.
  • We are victims of our learnings, societies and acquired beliefs that doesn’t reflect our real us!
  • Love and believe in yourself regardless of what people think of you.
  • Every negative perception we have is a reflection of unresolved issues within us that we may have learned, experienced or faced during our life unconsciously.
  • We are great, we should always be proud of our self.
  • The sky is the limit, always dream big, focus and you will achieve your dream.

I can’t thank god for putting me in such a difficult exam to help awaken the real person inside me and challenge the real me.

My passion is to help people. I have myself went through this transformational journey and I can’t be happier to realize how great anyone could be!

Find out more, and learn how to help yourself by arrange for a free 30-minute coaching session contact me!

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