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“Knowing about Mrs. Rula was a pure coincidence and what an amazing one !!! It changed my spirit and life entirely.
I reached in my life a point where everything was crumbling and it was absolutely necessary for me to get help but I had no idea to whom should I talk to? Actually, I went through lots of hardships in my life and these led to a change in my temper and I became a short tempered person who always needs to defend herself and I was impatient and depressed. Nothings was going well, I felt lost and lonely. One of my colleagues advised me to seek help from a life coach because he had also anger management issues so I took his advice and contacted someone he was following with. When I contacted that person who is a life coach he strongly suggested to contact Mrs. Rula who is the best life coach in the island. Without hesitation I called her and felt so comfortable speaking to her that I spent about an hour telling her about my life and why I want her to help me. I really went through an amazing journey with her where I purified myself from all negative emotions gathered throughout all these years. I also learned self forgiveness and self love and she taught me how to get red of all my limited beliefs and fears. I am still with her in this journey to learn how to reach the best version of myself and to move forward towards a bright future with confidence and good self esteem.”