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A Happy Me

Do you want to have strong empowered kids who have high emotional intelligence techniques to have a happy life!

We are delighted to launch a series of kids personal development workshops “A Happy Me”.

Using latest life coaching techniques and games to engage kids and inspire them for a long-lasting behavioral development.

Bully Free Starts With Me

  • Raise their awareness about all forms of bullying
  • Guide them to make the right choices and decisions
  • Raise their awareness of negative self talk and it consequences
  • Empower their confidence
  • Enrich their resilience towards difficult situations

A Confident Me

  • Raise kids awareness with towards their strenghths
  • Empower their self Esteem
  • Raise their awareness to self acceptance
  • Enrich their resilience towards stronger kids

Don’t Be Angry Bird

  • Enhance kids’ communication skills
  • Help them develop Self Esteem
  • Identify causes of anger
  • Effects of anger and how to overcome it

Do you want a successful life?